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Ok so i have a DELL Inspiron and a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nFORCE 430 graphics  card and im trying to connect my computer to my home TV. I have the 15 pin AVG cord running from the tower to the TV, it works at first. i Start the computer it shows the DELL logo on the TV then it goes to Windows XP Loading screen but when its about to get to the log in screen the screen goes blank and at the top right of the screen it blinks SIGNAL. I dont understand why this is happening, if someone can help explain whats happening and also help me get this to work. By the way the TV is a Panasonic 50in HD TV


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This message can occur when

This message can occur when the signal is out of range of the set. Verify the reange of the screen and the capability of the TV. I suspect the screen info is to high for the set. The specifics should be listed in the owner's manual for the TV. If you are not sure, start with 1024x768 for your screen size and continue from there. The TV should auto-detect the screen at that point.



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