SONY STR DE475 Tuner faulty

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SONY STR DE475 Tuner faulty

Hi guys;long time no see ; i need your help,
i have here a STR DE 475 sony receiver and it runs good in all inputs and outputs exept the tuner has a rumble hum more in FM and doesn't lock in the stations, when pressing the tuning it keeps serching statins and never stops unless i press the frequency buttom, i can here the station sound but with a hum rumble as a back ground, more on FM, i opened the tuner and i checked one RF ic just next to rf connector with my fluke with diode position and it rings continuity on all 3 legs is this normal or this might be the crupit?

i also notice the green board very smoked black around the UPC2581V
and i checked all the Caps 10uf 100v next to the UPC2581 with my capanalyzer for ESR and don't know if this is normal because of the ICs but all those caps seem dry i mean they even reed nothing.
but the receiver works perfect exept the tuner with that noise i mentioned.

i also need your help on this progect on this receiver,i would like to add a 120voutlet that i can get from a str de 325 and transfere it to the str475, is this possible,the way i see it, is, i would unsolder the 2 pins of the outlet 120v switched 120w 1a max. and i connect one to the fuse pad and the other to the Relay, would this be a good safe connection?
i would be very gratefull if you guys can help me on this.thanks in advance.

Oki swapped the tuner for a

Oki swapped the tuner for a good one and i can say for shure that the troule is not the tuner any help?''''


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