cd/dvd rw drive will not burn discs

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cd/dvd rw drive will not burn discs

my sony dvd rw dw -u14a drive will not burn discs, when i try to burn it shuts down the computer and re boots,or ejects the disc. i have tried varius media but get the same results. yet this drive will read and play cd no problem.nero says an installable 16 bit dll programme is missing, what is this ?and how can i install it if possible, can any one help as i need to burn a video of my grandson track racing on his bike, many thanks  


Matt Whitlock
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Doesn't sound like it has

Doesn't sound like it has anything to do with the DVD drive itself, but is an issue with your Nero install. Have you tried any other burning software but Nero? Have you tried removing and re-installing Nero?

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I have the same problem....

I have the same problem.....tried other burning programs but will not shuts down also...have used nero,dvd shrink,dvdcopy and it also shuts down if I use limewire or other programs......tried restoring, defragment,disk cleanup,deleting files.....but no results.......what can it be?...only option left is restoring computer to factory settings but I dont know how to do that.


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