Sony Trinitron KV-35S24 Power Up Issue

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Sony Trinitron KV-35S24 Power Up Issue

There has been several issues posted, from no response to pwr on to stuck in standby mode with a number of flashing lights, to flashes continuosly. My issue is just a tad bit diferent.

My unit does make the sound of wanting to power up but the tube does not ignite and just stays black. My local Sony Repair shop wants $50.00 US just to look at it.

My question is, are there "checks" I can perform prior to spending the money to have it looked at?

If I provide a picture of the power board "G" can someone point me to the parts to check?


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Kev, i am looking for my

Kev, i am looking for my previous post. I just bought a repair kit for $9 It had three semiconductors and 1 fusible resistor. Put them in and so far so good. Only been 30 min's.

I will post a link when I fing my old thread. if I don't soon, p.m. me.

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KevinCook, thanks for

KevinCook, thanks for initiating a possible repair scenario. We have a 32" trinitron with the exact same issues: constant blinking stand-by, no pic, no sound. Not techie here, any other possible fixes that are simple? The TV is @ 14 yrs old and pondering just getting rid of it. It is heavy, but has been a good TV until about a month ago when the "dreaded black screen of blinking standby death started". Any other ideas from anyone are appreciated. Cheers.

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Same problem here, model KV
Same problem here, model KV-24FS120. Any help? Four red flashes, pause, repeat. No picture.

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