Supply Digital Car CD Changer

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Supply Digital Car CD Changer

Charmaker Digital CD changer delivers CD-quality sound directly into the factory sound system via the CD changer port, without the loss of sound quality that occurs with existing cassette and FM transmitter solutions. Directly control from car stereo panel, user only need a SD card or USB disk, then you enjoy the digital music (MP3/WMA) in your car, Aux input for external audio sources, Auxiliary devices such as MP3 players, Portable DVD players, Minidisk Player, handheld gaming systems, notebook computers and IPHONE can be added to the OEM radio while delivering optimum sound quality.


.Direct Connection with CD quality sound

.Without the loss of sound quality that occurs with FM transmitter solutions.

.Control Digital Music changer from your car radio buttons

.Works also with steering wheel controls

.Support USB Disk and SD Card

.Building in high quality MP3/WMA decoder

.Building in Amplifier chips

.Widely extends external audio sources, like PC, MD, PSD, GPS Navigation and Mobile Phone.

.Easy to install and use


Compatible with


.Compatible with OEM radio: Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Mazda, Hyundai, Audi, Skoda

.Compatible with aftermarket Radio: Panasonic, Sony, Alpine M-bus, Clarion Ce-net, Pioneer and Sanyo


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