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   I am trying to install a second harddrive in an old HP pavilion a335w. Never done it before and need info on how and where to mount and do I need any other hardware to get it done?

 Ihave salvaged the drive from another PC . Any help welcomed.

My first question is whether

My first question is whether this is something you want to learn more about, or just want to get done. I can help either way, but for now I'll give you the basics.

I am assuming the drive is the correct type, because the type of drive that your computer uses is easily the most common of them all. However, don't be too surprised if its not the right style. Really the only thing that makes any difference in the installation is a little jumper on the back of the Hard Drive that sets the position it uses on the interface chain. If there is a little sticker on the hard drive you are installing, set the jumper to the position that matches "Cable Select" on the sticker. Otherwise look for little white text on the bottom of the hard drive that says "cs" next to the jumper pins. The last thing is to plug in the power and the grey, or yellow, plug that is also connected to your original hard drive.

I hope that all made sense. I am truly sorry if it didn't, just ask if you need anything cleared up or if you need pictures. I at least found a picture of the jumper for you (from Wikipedia):

I hoped it worked. :D


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