Help! LG 52" DLP Rear Projection

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Help! LG 52" DLP Rear Projection

I am in service provider warrenty hell at the moment and I have no idea where to go or what to do. I have a service provider who has been holding my tv hostage for just about 2 monthes now and they are on their third round of ordering parts. Just last week the lady yelled at me and called my names for checking on the status and trying to get an eta of my tv.

 Anyway....this is what is wrong. They brough it into their shop and said that there was something wrong with the ballast. I specifically asked her about the lamp and she said no..they tested that and nothing is wrong. Thank god b/c I only bought it three monthes ago. was always the ballast and the color wheel. Not bad for having the TV since 2005 I guess. The service provider and I had it out and now I cannot communicate with them. I have to communicate with the service provider thru the warrenty company.  Now the service provider is saying I need to replace the lamp.  WHAT???? For a month and half she has been saying it wasn't the lamp...but now she is mad at me and decides to say the lamp needs to be replaced...the only part not included in the warrenty?

So my question is this? Can the lamp be ruined by a ballast? Can the lamp be ruined by a technician putting a ballast on the lamp incorrectly. Again....this is their third ballast they are on now so I am hav a sneaky feeling something isn't right. Is it a manufacturer recommendation that the lamp and the ballast be replaced at the same time no matter if the lamp is good or bad?


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