wifi router questions

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wifi router questions

my mom just got a laptop for work and she cannot use the intenet at home without unpluging our desctop from the internet. so i thought "how about a wifi conection..." well ive never done a wifi connection and i need some help, scratch that, alot of help. pleas someone who is RELLY good with wifi give me some help. (and i know there is probuly alredy a forume on the smae topic but i didnt whana serch for it and i also whanted the newist info.)



Does your mothers laptop have

Does your mothers laptop have wireless capabilities.If yes then follow these steps.

Purchase a wireless router...Plug it in and plug the ethernet cable from your modem into the router and then another to the ethernet port (the big looking phone jack) of your computer. Your mother should be able to pick up wireless signal.. if not she can also purchase a wireless card for her laptop or plug her laptop via another ethernet cable and you both have internet.


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