Philips 50PP9202 50'' for 200$ (convergence issues)

Hello everybody,

My friend's cousin is having his Philips-50PP9202-Epic-50-HDTV-Ready
for sale for 200$. It needs a convergence IC replacement for the blue

I wanted to know if its a steal deal for the price or not. Also, should
I be changing all the convergence ICs. Its a 3 years old unit.

[IMG] .jpg [/IMG]

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That design is about 6 years

That design is about 6 years old, though some may still have been in the retail channel 3 years ago.

Best case, it only needs solder joint touch-ups, convergence ic's and maybe a few resistors, but it might also have contaminated coolant on the blue and green crt's, which is not an expensive fix, but is time consuming, and worst case coolant might have leaked onto the circuit boards, or a crt has gone bad, and the set is beyond economical repair.

It could be a fun project if you get it free or cheap and are willing to take the risk.

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Thanks for the input. I

Thanks for the input. I appreciate that

I just found someone sellin:
Panasonic HDTV Projection Television
Model Number PT-53WX53G
for 400 $

Any thoughts?

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Have a 60PP9202-17 with sound
Have a 60PP9202-17 with sound and no picture. No menu comes up.Would like to know what I should look for next.  

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