Connect notebook to tv - image problem

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Connect notebook to tv - image problem

Hi everyone, this is my first post so please bear with me. I am having trouble with the image when I connect my notebook to my tv. FYI I have an Asus A7c notebook with an ATI mobility radeon x1450 graphics card with the following outputs;

1. TV out port (s video)

2. Display (monitor) Output (15-pin D sub monitor port supporting standard VGA devices)

3. Display (DVI-D) Output

4. SPDIF Output Jack (Headphone Output Jack)

My television is a Sony (KDL-40V3100) 40" Bravia LCD with the following inputs;

1. HDMI IN (2 ports) with right and left audio inputs

2. PC IN (RGB Jack, 15-pin port) with an audio jack

I connected the tv to the computer via a standard VGA cable (15 Pin) and audio via a 3.5mm-3.5mm stereo cable. I booted the computer up and and the start up screen appeared on the tv. When the desktop opened up my background and all my icons appeared on the tv without any significant "letterboxing". I watched a full movie and was quite happy with the quality. At this stage I feel it is important to note that I did not adjust any settings on either the computer or tv. I returned to the tv and computer around an hour later to find the image on the tv had moved "off the screen". Rather than having the whole desktop of my computer on the screen, it appeared as though the image had moved down and to the right and only 25% of the image was viewable on the tv.

I shut the computer down and rebooted it and when the desktop opened up the image on the tv was in the centre of the screen but physically only the size and ratio of the notebook, ie 17"image in the centre of the 40" screen. I rebooted the computer again and the image on tv now contained my desktop background, without any icons or taskbar. Every time I opened up a window on my computer I could not see it on the tv, however if I dragged the window off the right of the computer screen it would appear in sight from the left side of the tv screen.

Now, each time I attempt to connect the tv and notebook up I have the same problem of the image being too large for the tv screen. I can drag windows off the computer screen and onto the tv screen and the cursor appears on the tv screen and I can access these windows whlist looking at the tv screen even though I cannot see them on the computer screen.

I apologise for my long winded description of my problem but I couldn't think how to summarise it while still including relevant details. If anyone has any thoughts on how to recitfy this I would greatly appreciate hearing them


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I should also point out that

I should also point out that I am using a VGA cable because the distance between notebook and tv is around 10m and the cost of a HDMI cable with a DVI-D adapter was a lot more and I followed the advice of the guy in the shop. Also what I am really interested in is whether it is possible to connect the two together without any cables? The notebook has Bluetooth and Infrared.

 Thanks again



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