Laptop DVD Decoder Software

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Bob Walker
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Laptop DVD Decoder Software

When attempting to play a DVD movie using my DVD/cd drive on my laptop, I get an error message saying  "DVD DECODER NOT INSTALLED"  does anyone know where I can download  dvd decoder software ? Microsoft says that it is the responsibility of the computer manager. Toshiba says mocrosoft should provide it.    HELP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Thanks ,  Bob

Matt Whitlock
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Most computers ship with a

Most computers ship with a DVD decoder installed, which is often why Windows Media Player will have no problems playing a DVD. However, it's not provided as a part of the OS.

This software package claims to be free, and should include the software you need to play back DVD files:
I've never tried it, so install at your own risk. Read a few reviews online before trying it out.

I've always used CyberLink's PowerDVD products ( which work well and have never done me wrong. But in all fairness, it's always come free with DVD drives that I've bought.

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Try and look for a program

Try and look for a program called ace mega codecs from torrent sites like its a great program i have always had it in all my systems and works very well.


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