need help with "protect" mode showing on my receiver

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need help with "protect" mode showing on my receiver

I have a techwood 400 watt home theater receiver model number PLR85. One day the receiver shut off and displayed "protect" on the front panel. I like the system and due to a divorce I cant afford another system for a while. We are located in arizona on a ranch and i have to say the device was loaded with dust bad. I opened it and cleaned out as much as I could but the, "protect" is still being displayed. Any ideas what to do? who to call? what needs to be repaired? etc... Thanks mark

The protect message indicates

The protect message indicates that the output section has a problem. The protection state prevents further damage. If you have no experience in electronics repair, any service shop should be able to help. If the output transistors have failed, figure on $8 for each one (will need at least 2). Supporting part may be needed as well so the total parts cost will probably run between $25-$35. Add in your local labor rate for the total repair cost.


i have a techwood 400watt

i have a techwood 400watt home theater reciver model number plr85 when i plug it in i get a green on light but it wont turn on or off what should ii do

I have a Techwood PLR85 that

I have a Techwood PLR85 that was working good until an unauthorized user (my friend) decided to hook 2 more smaller speakers up to my unit. He did it by twisting both the Big speaker & the smaller speakers wires together and then inserting them into the large speaker jack on the back of speaker and to the back of the receiver unit. When I turned it on it wouldn't work. There wasn't any sound at all from any speaker/any channel. I do remember the unit displaying briefly a message


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