Ipod Wont Turn On

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Ipod Wont Turn On

My 30G Ipod has its usual problems over the past year or so, locking up etc.  Well lately it will not turn on at all.  I have charged it, plugged it in etc, anyone got any ideas on what to do.  Could the battery be bad in just over a year?  Can the battery be changed without sending it off?  Any help would be appreciated.

Peter Redmer
Unfortunately, I have had an

Unfortunately, I have had an iPod battery go bad in the past, although that was a 3G iPod. My 30GB 5G iPod has been running strong for quite some time now, I believe a year at least.

When you attempt to turn it on, does it make any noise, like clicks or a hum? Or does just absolutely nothing happen at all? (From past experience, a clicking sound could indicate a bad hard drive)

It may not be a problem with the battery but a problem elsewhere. Unless you want to disassemble the iPod itself (thus voiding any extended warranty you may have purchased) and try to install a battery manually, you may have to send it in.

One last thing to try is to hold the center button and "up" on the click wheel to see if you can get the iPod to reset. You could also try other "hidden commands."

Finally, did you try syncing it to your PC/Mac? That could help jumpstart it back to life, too, and then you could run a restore through iTunes.

Last resort - take it to the Genius Bar and see if they can offer a quick fix.

my last ipod did the same to

my last ipod did the same to me it was a apple 3oGB. i pluged it into itunes to see if that would salt it out but did not. so i took it back to were i got it from and they sent it off and they could not repair it so they sent me a new one out


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