X-Box Game Not Working

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X-Box Game Not Working

Two days ago, I bought a game called Darkwatch. When I got home, I put the game in the x-box and a screen came up saying: Cannot read disc. Make sure it is a DVD, x-box game, or CD. (Not exact words.) Well, we took the game back to the store and they said they resurfaced it. So I brought it back home and tried to play, but it only said the same thing. The thing is, all of my other games work.

Any help?

Peter Redmer
I've (unfortunately) had to

I've (unfortunately) had to fix a lot of scratched CD's in my day. Sounds like the disc you have may be beyond repair.

For simple repair, like buffing out light scratches or removing fingerprints, I use iKlear Apple Polish. Love the stuff, use it all the time for everything from my phone to my laptop, to discs, to LCD monitors, everything. Works great.

If you have more "serious" damage you will have to break out the big guns. You'll have to use something to polish the disc that is lightly abrasive, enough to smooth out scratches without damaging the disc (much like polish does for your car.) Some have used toothpaste to this effect, although I have never tried it. Here's a link to some solutions - try at your own risk!

If all else fails, return it and get your money back! (I'm guessing you bought it used, so you should have no problem.)

I know Sony had a problem

I know Sony had a problem with the PS2 around the time that was being released and issues being discovered, some PS2's would only read new or old games/DVD's, I am guessing it's the old xbox which I still use until I get my 360 (hopefully soon) but when I have disc troubles I put the disc in a CLEAN toilet and flush it, for some reason this has worked each time, another way is boiling it in salt water, if my memory serves me correctly this moves the salt around and rubs up against the disc acting as a polisher just make sure the boiling water doesn't dissolve the salt.

well what if the problem isn

well what if the problem isn't the disks but the laser in my computer? and are there more products you suggest for light scratches?

Peter Redmer
Here's a link to a number of

Here's a link to a number of different scratch repair solutions.

I can't attest to any of them, as I haven't tried any of them, but from what I've heard over the years, they're all similarly effective. Of course, your mileage may vary ;)

And, of course, it could be a problem with the laser assembly or drive in your X-Box. The surefire way to test this is to see if other games or DVD's work.

If other games and movies work just fine, you can probably safely conclude the problem lies in the scratched game.

Hope this helps!



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