need help repairing sony kde-37xs955

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need help repairing sony kde-37xs955


My Sony 37'' TV is in dire need of repair. Bought new Sept 2005.

It started out shutting down after about 10 minutes of play.

Now the green power light blinks for about 2 minutes than goes to steady green. I press the power button again than get a steady red standby light.

I have unplugged the TV several times still no joy.

NO picture, no fans running, no sound.

Can anyone help.

Thanks in advance

Larry Dillon
You probably have a bad G1

You probably have a bad G1 board in this TV set. I have worked on a couple of these plasma sets and have found this to be the case. This is a difficult set to troubleshoot without a bunch of boards avaialble to you. BTW, a service manual for this set is avaialable for a free download here;jsess... Good Luck

Hello Larry, I hate to bring

Hello Larry, I hate to bring up an old thread, but I had a similar issue. I had the same tv since 2004ish. Recently I had to wait 6-8 hours (whiles turning on the tv every 15 minutes) now I cant get no picture at all only audio. Then after 15 minutes it cuts off. I took off the back, and gave it a good cleaning, but I cannot locate the g1 board. Are there any alternative names? I looked throuh the service manual as well for the name. Also I'd like to thank you for posting it up. I really would like to try and fix it. They do not make them like these no more :) I love the sound setup withe the built in subwoofer

Whoops I had found it. I

Whoops I had found it. I thought it was the wrong board. I hope it's not. In my situation, can this be the same part that causing the trouble?


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