2.5 year old Pioneer Elite 50" Won't Turn On

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2.5 year old Pioneer Elite 50" Won't Turn On

I have a pro1010HD Elite 50" and tonight I tried to turn it on to no avail. Blinking red light and quick 1 second flash on the off. Powercycle (unplug from monster power supply and replug in) allows me to turn it on again and it does the same thing...what's up, I've barely used the damn thing and paid $7,000 for it just a couple years ago (and of couse, it is out of warranty now....)..

Please help! I am located in Boston area if someone is in repair, call me 617-4O7-9I6I 

I am having the exact same

I am having the exact same problem with the exact same TV. It started yesterday. Did you ever get the thing to work. I spoke to a Pioneer authorized service company here in Las Vegas and I'm looking at around a $800 repair IF it's repairable. HELP!

Larry Dillon
Most repair peeps replace the

Most repair peeps replace the main board as Pioneer boards are very expensive. I am sure it can be repaired but not an easy fix I'm afraid, and not a cheap one also. Let us know if you get it repaired.

My advice. Call an authorized

My advice. Call an authorized Pioneer repair station. Do NOT attempt to repair this yourself. Pioneer has installed a unique method of making sure the wrong people don't mess with their sets. You stand the chance of disabling your set for good.

Get a pro to fix it.

It would be huge for Pioneer

It would be huge for Pioneer to fix this $7000 TV after only 2+ years. This may be a possibility according to the local authorized service company who can't get to my house to pick it up until FRIDAY. The outcome of this repair will be widely broadcast on the web and will affect future purchases of Pioneer Elite TV's by me and others, I'm sure.

LOt of Pioneer DEAD sets are

LOt of Pioneer DEAD sets are Just Bad solder joints If you are good at soldering Resolder all regulators & Connector E12 & H.O.T Last Pioneer We fixed was IC204 5v Reg. & H.O.T with bad solder (Ring Crack) The First Shop they had check set wanted $700 to FiX We Fixed it for Much less $ and Cust was Super Happy .

checked don't have service

checked don't have service manual on a Pro1010 But did recheck Records and 8 months ago we had a PRO77 which Cap C128 1000uf/16volts was bad which caused set to shut down not sure if the Pro1010 has same cap but you might want to look and if your set has a C128 1000uf 16v in power supply replace it with a 1000uf at 25Volts

Thanks for the info. I'll

Thanks for the info. I'll print this chain and leave it for the Authorized Service Co. when they pick up the set tomorrow. The extent of my soldering experience was some radio kits 40 years ago when I was 8. I also bypassed the engineering and circuits classes in college and opted for the programming and business.

This does feel like a failed solder joint however. The set does run hot and had been on most of the day. A neighbor came over so we rturned it off for 5 mnutes and when we turned it back on it failed.

I will definitely post the diagnostic results and the final outcome.


elite 61 inch plasma
same deal. no power. had

same deal. no power. had blinking red center light. no power. no power. yikes. does anyone know what to do? is there a pioneer authorized repairin baltimore area?

Most of them have a main

Most of them have a main power pm the bottom
Left hand side or where the componets plug in. If it's a button on bottom corner it's not even labeled. Make sure to check that first. Red lights blinks one and them just hums then it's just the main power. If this doesn't fix the issue you can pill the back cover off by placing the tv face down on some hint soft and check the fuse leads be CAREFULL while checking if there is power on both sides and the fuse are good the you need a power board .'order it and put it in your self will save you alot of money. Be sure it's kept static free area while working on it.

After spending almost a month

After spending almost a month researching how to fix my recently dead PRO-620HD (2002 model) I have arrived at the conclusion fixing Pioneer electronics is a not what the company wants.

If you're lucky enough for the problem to be a common one, like convergence ICs failing, and you can do the work yourself, such as soldering, then keep your fingers crossed you can fix it.

If however your problem is something less common you may be in for a very expensive lesson. Pioneer no longer has a technical department (I know, I asked), the place their local service techs used to call when trying to fix your TV. So the service techs you may call out to fix your TV are on their own. And I have read many cases where they couldn't find the problem, but did charge for their services, and left the owner with a dead TV.

On mine, I've resoldered the power supply, replaced the convergence ICs, replaced the entire convergence amp assembly, all with no change. I'm an electrician, not an electronics tech, but I do know how to read a schematic and I can follow circuitry but I don't own a DVM, scope or other specialized equipment to fully trace out a problem.

Right now I've spent about $600 trying to fix this and haven't accomplished a thing. Pioneer is absolutely no help at all. They will sell you all the parts you want, including lots of shipping and handling charges (and charge you 20% restocking if you return it), but when it comes technical support - forget it! They tell you to call a local service technician, who also has no technical support from Pioneer.

phatz, I hope you can get your set working. I feel for you but I'm not optimistic. I do hope you're one of the lucky ones though.

I took that TV to the dump

I took that TV to the dump more than four years ago, where it belongs. It was the last Pioneer product that I will ever buy.

myra gamburg
I am not technical and I have

I am not technical and I have a 13 year old $7000 Pioneer 50+" HD TV which plays for 15 to 20 minutes and then loses suddenly picture and sound. If I turn it off for a few hours I can get picture and sound again for another 15 minutes. The problems described in the comments above make it sound as if I may have to spend more than a new set for repair. Any suggestions? I live in the Seattle area. The Comcast technician has advised me that the problem is not from their HD box.I welome any advice.

Sherman Browne
I am fixing a Panasonic

I am fixing a Panasonic plasma 42prt12u the green light comes on but no sound or picture ,anyone came across this prob: did you get it fix ,please let me know what you did

myra gamburg
Sorry, Sherman, It's been 3

Sorry, Sherman, It's been 3 weeks & I haven't received any helpful advice yet. I will be contacting the store where I purchased my Pioneer Elite the week and evaluate whether it can be fixed.

Myra---I have the same TV and

Myra---I have the same TV and same thing just started happening with mine. Never will I buy a Pioneer product again. Guess I will be getting a new TV for Christmas. My late husband loved his TV more than life itself...I nearly killed him when he bought the giant thing. Life goes on...I see from other posts it's not worth fixing.


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