Cannot Delete of Load My SansDisc C240 1Gig

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Cannot Delete of Load My SansDisc C240 1Gig

Hi can anyone help please? I am a newbie with limited Computer knowledge! I Cannot Get My SansDisc c240 to Delete or Load from Jet Audio Media Player or ITunes or Windows Media player 11?

I loaded the current tracks from Windows Media player and they work fine in the car or wherever but I am not happy with ITunes Or Windows Media player 11 so I downloaded Jet Audio! The problem must be the SansDisc I have AutoDetect switched Off & MSC on?

Al 3 Media Players are acknowledging the SansDisc but none will Delete or Load from there

There are no files showing in the Sync List’s the tracks on the SansDisc Should be showing and that’s the Problem If I could see them in the List I could delete them and start again I am Beat I would be grateful for help Thanks, Dasha  

Peter Redmer
Well, I have to say that I am

Well, I have to say that I am not familiar with the Jet Audio program, nor have I ever used Windows Media Player 11 to manage my music.

It sounds like the problem resides in the "sync" feature, not in the SanDisk player itself. I have helped a family member with the WMP11 Sync feature, and let me tell you, it was a huge hassle.

To determine if your SanDisk player is working properly, why don't you just try manually copying music to the player? It should pop up as an external storage drive when you plug it in, and you should be able to drag files/folders over to it, simple as that. If that works, then at least you know that your player is functioning properly. You may have to adjust a setting in the player to do this. With the Sansa I used, I did not have to change anything to get it to show as an external drive.

I'll mention again that the limited experience I've had with the WMP11 Sync feature has been bad. You may want to try WinAmp, which is one of my favorite Windows based music players. If you're really stuck on the Sync feature, though, hopefully someone out there is familiar with it and can provide some assistance :)

Thanks Peter I will give it a

Thanks Peter I will give it a shot tonight and let you know Thanks Dasha

Heh Peter I think I have it

Heh Peter I think I have it sorted, but I may well go over to Winamp as you suggested, the JetAudio Player is a very good setup and has a brilliant Equalizer but is a bit Doughie as far as finding access to features" it only has 1 Preferances button and that's it' all the other stuff comes from Right click - D/down Menus and virtualy no Support unless you pay for Pro I will see how I get on over the weekend. Thank's very much for your efforts Dasha

Peter Redmer
You're welcome, I wish you

You're welcome, I wish you the best of luck.

I really like WinAmp because I think they've kept it pretty old school. You can still use the original skin and interface, which I grew to love a long time ago.

Again, I really think you may be better off just managing the files directly through folders/drag and drop/etc. I think when you start to get into the really large players (i.e. 20,30,60,80GB) that's when a syncing feature really becomes important.



Heh Peter I will remember

Heh Peter I will remember that about Winamp and Drag and Drop,I Imported all my stuff from ITunes and WMP and all was well and then suddenly some files started Playing in "slow motion"?? I think that it was the files from WinMP were still in "Wav" and the files from ITuns were already converted too "Mp3"?? I dunno I had to delete the program entirely and start all over again if it does it again today I will give it the flick and go Winamp! I have tried Winamp before and found it too cluttered and hard to read but then I am only a novice so have a bit to learn yet Ok Peter talk soon Dasha

Peter Redmer
Yeah, I hear you... the

Yeah, I hear you... the interface can seem a bit cluttered at first. The library function can be difficult to work with if you aren't used to it.

That being said, they've added a new "Bento" skin that really modernizes/simplifies the interface. Being a sucker for punishment, I stick with the old skin.

I'm not quite sure I understand your "slow motion" issue. Perhaps you could explain that further?

Also, with WMP, you shouldn't have any problem with using both WMA and MP3 files. Hopefully, someone else who has had more experience with WMP11 will chime in...

Any WMP11 experts out there?

Sorry Peter I meant Started

Sorry Peter I meant Started Playing the Music Files at a Slow Speed as in sounded like a 45Rpm Record Played at 33 Rpm

Heh Thanks Peter, I have just

Heh Thanks Peter, I have just installed Winamp the new Beno interface is Graet so I did not hesitate! I will also join the Forum in Winamp Thanks Peter no doubt we will talk again Dasha


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