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I as well have the WS-55711

I as well have the WS-55711 with the constant blinking Green power light. Very comfortable with electronics repair. Please forward the cap list and diagram. Thanks.

I have a 55711 that has been

I have a 55711 that has been repaired a couple times for $400 to $600 each time, for what I suspect was the capacitor problem with the DM. The problem now is that the TV runs fine for a few hours, then turns itself off. It will restart again in a few minutes, then dies again. The blinking light diagnostic test gives me a 2-3 sequence after it dies, which indicates a problem with Horizontal Deflection. After reading a number of these posts, getting the service manuals, etc., I took the back off the TV for a look.

There is a loose black and white circuit board wire that should connect the signal board to the JUNGLE board, which extends vertically from the MAIN board. The wire appears to be connected correctly to the edge of the SIGNAL board, but there is no female connector (plug) on the Jungle board. Would this cause this problem? I can't find a part number for the connector. If I can find one, can the JUNGLE board be removed so I can solder a new connector onto the board, or can I solder the wires direcly to the board?


Does the jungle board look

Does the jungle board look like it HAD a connector on it?

Larry, I saw in some of your posts that you have sent directions to fols to fix the blinking green light problem.  I have a Mitsubishi WS-65711 TV.  When I turn it on the green light just keeps blinking.  I left it off for several days plugged it in and the same thing.  I believe ther problem is with the DM board.  I saw in your posts that you have the directions for fixing this problem.  Woiuld you please send them to me. Regards,   Gerry
I have wL 82913 tv with
I have wL 82913 tv with consistent gree blinking light that tv repair kit mentioned before inthe thread is not listed on that site can you please send me instructions to how to fix the capacitor i am new to this and have no experience but would like try and learn from you all i opened the back of the tv behind the fan I see at least 5 blown capacitors with whitish stuff coming out are those the blown ones ? Please send me instructions in email I will send the pics of the tv back too email is [email protected] I will appreciate all ur help best regards!



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