DSC - W100 Access problem

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Peter Hernandez
DSC - W100 Access problem

Everytime I turn my camera on (DSC-W100) it says access.  Then it tells me to turn it off and on.  But I am still unable to use it.  Any ideas????

Ideas: Not great ideas, but

Ideas: Not great ideas, but this is what I would try.
Remove any memory cards and try starting it. (Try a different memory card.)
Try it with new batteries or plugged into a power source. (Are the batteries the right ones. Some cameras are finicky.)
Make sure nothing is stuck in the plug that connects it to a pc or dock.
Try plugging then unplugging it into the pc cable or dock a few times then restart it.
Play with any knobs or switches. Cut them off and on try starting it with settings in different positions.

Lens is having the problem so

Lens is having the problem so contact nearest sony service centre


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