iPod and iTunes synching question

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iPod and iTunes synching question

I have a 30G iPod Classic. When I first got it, before I knew what I was doing, I had installed iTunes on multiple computers and synched bits and pieces from iTunes to the iPod. Now, I'm wondering if there's a way to sync in reverse. In other words, is there a way I can get all the tunes on my iPod back into iTunes? Does that make sense? Thanks!

Peter Redmer
This is a great question. 

This is a great question.  First, I'm assuming that you're managing your iPod manually, otherwise each iTunes install would attempt to wipe your 'Pod.  I personally have never used my iPod the way you describe, but if it works that way, great!

Now, getting your music off of the iPod and back onto your computer is a different story!

The bottom line is that you will have to use a third party software program to do so.  I know of no way to do it otherwise (or at least, no easy way!)

Do a Google search for "copy music from my iPod to my computer" and you will find a multitude of shareware and professional programs to help you.  I cannot remember the name of the program I used with my Mac, it was quite some time ago, and now there are dozens of programs to help you.

Also, if you are using the iPod with just one computer, I would recommend that you set it up to sync with your iTunes Library, but not to sync automatically.  That way, it will mirror your iTunes setup exactly each time, with no need to manually manage the iPod.  If you have more songs in your library than you want on your iPod, you can choose an option to only sync "checked" songs and videos.   I find that this saves me a lot of time and is just plain easier, although others still prefer the manual method.

Hope this was helpful to you!

Thanks, it was helpful! Yes,

Thanks, it was helpful! Yes, I do sync it manually. I agree the way I started with my Pod was a bit unorthodox. I think it was the result of not quite figuring out what I was going to use my Pod for. But once I get it all on one computer, that's the one I'll use for music and podcasts. I'm just a digital immigrant in a digital native's world. ;( Again, thanks!

Peter Redmer
You're welcome.  Actually, I

You're welcome.  Actually, I can see the advantages of syncing it manually with multiple computers, depending on your organization style and how you manage your setups.

A hint on podcasts, too, since you mentioned them - they can get huge and out of hand really quick, if you keep downloading all of them and syncing them all.  However, if you select to only keep the most recent podcasts, you may lose a favorite podcast that you had and wanted to keep.

I had that problem myself.  What I did to solve it was select "keep all podcasts," but with the "sync only checked items" option, you are able to also check which podcasts you want synced to your iPod.  This way you can still sync automatically, but maintain control over which will be synced, AND you won't lose your favorite podcasts :)

I'm mentioning that specifically because sometimes, podcasts "go away" and are not re-downloadable.  The Homestar Runner podcast did that to me, and I was sad!  So, archiving your favorites is not a bad idea!


I used to have a ipod nano

I used to have a ipod nano and if I plugged it into a computer that had a different version of Itunes I would have to take it back to factory condition and put all my songs back on. I now have a ipod touch but don't have itunes on my computer because I am afraid to download it and loose all my stuff on my ipod but would like to put music on it. How do I get itunes without having to take my ipod back to factory condition?


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