Connection problem!!!

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Connection problem!!!

My son has a toshiba A-25. It has a wireless switch on the side which is turned on. It finds my network and shows a very strong signal but the computer will still not connect to the internet using any of the browsers I use. Can anyone help me get this thing up and running on the internet. He has to have his Runescape and You tube. Thanx in advance..!

Matt Whitlock
I'd start with some of these

I'd start with some of these troubleshooting questions.

  1. Has it connected to this wireless network before? 
  2. Does your wireless AP use WEP, WPA, etc. encryption?
  3. Is the passkey entered properly into the network manager?
  4. Does it connect if you disable any network security? 
  5. Is the windows wireless network manager and another installed network manager conflicting with each other?
  6. Have you checked for any driver updates for your wireless NIC?

Any of those get you on course? 


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