Wt-Fi Data question

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Wt-Fi Data question

I was curious about all the different types of Wi-Fi devices out there. The availability seems to changes so rapidly I was wondering if there was a database for all that is available and all that will be coming out soon.

I also get asked sooo many times per day from my customers about connectors on the back of their routers and coming out of their wireless internet cards for their laptops, only im not sure which is which... There are connectors like (Reverse Polarity) TNC, (Reverse Polarity) SMA, and so on and so on... any one know where I could find out more about each router/wireless card? Be it schematics, or connector type, or which ones are the most proliffic?

Really appreate any feedback.


Matt Whitlock
I'm not sure I know of a

I'm not sure I know of a resource specific to your question, but I'll do some checking. From what I can tell, you're just talking about specific connectors for external antennas, so I can't imagine a resource devoted to tracking these accessories by connector design.

Info on connector types:
Matt Whitlock
Thanks pardizzone... and

Thanks pardizzone... and thank you Wikipedia!


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