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Can someone help please.  I have a laptop that came equipped with the Click to DVd program.  I have used this many times with much success.  I take a lot of videos and upload them to this program and make dvd's.  Here lately when I start the program and go to upload my videos it just freezes up and won't do anything.  Any suggestions?   Thanks.

if you have a sony laptop and

if you have a sony laptop and you installed xp pro on it, then you will lose the program. i did it too!! the stupid support people at Sony just don't seem to care about the users! i just got off the phone and got an e-mail, and they want me to reformat my hard drive!! can you believe that? like hell!
this is the last Sony product for me, i have a DV camera and the software never worked either! they told me to use the one that comes on xp professional!! its that some shit!


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