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I acquired a Pioneer HTV-SW1

I acquired a Pioneer HTV-SW1 thrift some time ago. Without the Control unit, much of the control and filter function is useless due to the microprocessor data and clock signals to operate that part of the electronic in the SW1 unit. The power amps though can be directly inputed (by hook or crook) to work without those signals but you have to provide your own preamp control and lose the sub low end filter. The 8" subwoofer has some worthwhile sound as a small tight sound system so even jury-rigged it has some useful interest. I've looked for the C1 unit without much success and so just posting to inform anyone who thinks that the SW1 until will work with any other substituted input straight up needs to rethink it a bit. In addition to the volume, tone and filter control that the C1 handles there are relay protection circuits that need to be manually activated as well as the mute function. It takes a fairly experienced circuit person to manage this beast. Since I paid only $15 for the SW1, modifying it doesn't bother me to waste the micro controlled circuits and just tap into the power amps. You can't have it all on these old units but you can salvage enough to integrate it into some stereo hobby usefulness.

xing Thao
billy1000000 said: I have a

billy1000000 said: I have a working pioneer HTV-C1 control center. The power sub (HTV-SW1) woofer amplifier box (no speaker or sub box just the metal amp box with the power cord) and both system cables. I know longer am in need of. Post back up here if anyone wishes to perches them.

hi billy, do u have still have the HTV-C1 ? i just want to buy just the control reciever control center only

please contact me i lived in Riverdale Utah,  xing 801-628-7287  thanks

xing Thao
JimMc said: I have the HTV-C1

JimMc said: I have the HTV-C1 controller and nothing else. I would sell it (make offer) or purchase the missing items to complete the system. Send details of what you have & price. Shipping is probably the killer, I live in Texas.

jimMc, do u still have ur HTV-C1 receiver control center..would u contact with me,  xing 801-628-7287 thanks.

Does anybody still need the 2
Does anybody still need the 2 cables & remote control? I have them & live in Texas; they work; I was hoping to sell the whole unit (subwoofer & center speaker) but looks like that will never happen. Someone make me an offer & I can mail them today!   Pioneer website (which does not carry any of the items!?) have the following prices:       SUBWOOFER CABLE B (ROUND)   $44.25 SYSTEM CABLE A (RECTANGLE) NO $38.50     REMOTE HTVC2 NO $137.00  
Hello sangkim,
Hello sangkim, I'm interested in the cables and remote, I'd like to offer $20 plus shipping to Nashville, TN. Please let me know if you still have them and if this works for you. Thanks, Eric  
Hello all. My  HTVc2 pioneer
Hello all. My  HTVc2 pioneer has been in my basement  for  a year now. It only works for 1 second then no sound at all. i am will ing to let it go for shipping costs and a few  dollars for my time packing and taking to post office. Sub woofer is too heavy to ship in my opinion.
My brother in law is dead set
My brother in law is dead set on keeping this old ass thing so I guess I need both cables because he said he lost them in a move. He has the head unit and subwoofer, but needs the square power cable and the round audio cable that goes between the two. If anyone has them or even one of them please let me know I am willing to buy them and pay any shipping cost. Thank you.
still have the cables to it?
still have the cables to it? the round audio and the square power cables?



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