problems with AIWA CA-DW 735 MU stereo please help!

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problems with AIWA CA-DW 735 MU stereo please help!

This is a twin cd/twin cassette player.   Initaially, the cd players would turn the disk but not play.  The lights come on, the thing spins, but no sound (CD).  I used the AUX mode with my dvd player for movies and it worked great for awhile.  The other day I put a cd in the dvd player and switched to aux mode and nothing.  I turned up the volume a notch on cd player, it played but very loudly.  when i tried to turn it down, there was nothing...I bought the unit in 2000 and am not one to play alot, but was wondering if it is even worth my time or effort to have it checked out or even if there is anything i can do?  Would definately appreciate some feedback Thanks  Oh yeah, there is no way to turn down the volume right now, its either CRANKED or nothing

I don't have the manual for

I don't have the manual for this one with me at the moment, so I'll give you a couple of possibilities.

1) The volume control itself is defective.   This is a very common generic part and should be available for small $$.

2) The volume is controlled electronically (encoder control rather than potentiometer or up/down buttons).  The volume chip is smoked.  Again, a very common part costing about $10-$15 or so.

Also, the disc can be repaired by cleaning the lens using a cotton swab and alcohol (also very common).

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