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Miller and Kreissel

As many of you are aware Miller and Kreissel has had its doors closed since October 2006.

I am sure I am one of many waiting for the reopening as promised by many of forums.

I have come across a new website

Does anyone have any input on the validty of this site or new owners of the company?

Matt Whitlock
I haven't heard much since

I haven't heard much since the announcement last fall that M&K would be reopening under new management, but it does seem that things are progressing.

I can't verify the validity of the link you posted since it is coming back as not available. However, thanks to Yahoo!'s web cache, it does show some promise that M&K is indeed poised to finally make its return.

I plan to blog on this in the days to come with anything else I find out.


A whois search didn't give me warm feelings though, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I'll see what I can find out.

Matt Whitlock
Certianly appears legit. The

Certianly appears legit. The site is now back online, and I'd say it looks quite real.

That's right folks... it looks like M&K Sound has returned! 


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