Need help understanding connectors on my Media Center box

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Need help understanding connectors on my Media Center box

Hey guys,

 I have a question, I have a MCE 2005 computer, on the back of it, I have a black (in) and an orange (out) connector.   These are not optical connectors.  How would I connect the orange (out) connector to my receiver?   I think it would be a straight connection using a digital audio cable, right?

Matt Whitlock
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The orange could very well

The orange could very well indeed be a digital audio connection, but would most likely be coaxial digital and not optical. It depends on the sound board built in to the media center computer. It may support optical too believe it or not, but you'd need a 1/8" optical to regular toslink adapter to use it if it supports it.

Provided it at least supports coaxial digital, you'll need to pick up a 1/8" mono to RCA type cable, and you'll connect it to the orange coaxial digital input on the receiver. Be sure to check your receiver for digital input assignment, and you may need to activate that output using software in the computer.  


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