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Electric fireplace

I received a non-working electric fireplace. The model is DBL2000-MS2 made by Ningbo Jiaqing. There is no power going through and I can't find a schemaic online anywhere for this unit or any information. On the unit chipboard there is a place right  where the ac cord plugs on and  there is a spot for a component marked 471. The component itself has been removed and I have no idea what belongs in this empty space. Does anyone have a suggestion or know anything about these things?? What belongs here or where I can find a schematic??

First thing to check is to

First thing to check is to see if there is 110V to the fireplace. Mine has a plug so it is easy to plug something else into the plug and see if it works. If it does not work then you most probably have a popped circuit breaker or a GFI which has snapped. If it does work your problem is with the fireplace---maybe a bad limit switch---- I keep poking around untill I find the problem.


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