Magnavox 51" 51MP392H/17 Power problem

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HightowerFL said:

HightowerFL said: juggalofr33k, Your problem sounds very similar to the one I had about a year or so ago. Did the IC repair, 2 months later turns off after about 15 min of use. Here's what fixed it. I opened the back of the unit and reseated every connection that I had to remove to do the repair. I don't know this for a fact but I believe that reseating the HD board (the one with the component connectors, not the composite connectors)is what did the trick. I think I read that from someone here in an earlier post. I don't know if your tv has been moved recently or if the tv has gotten bumped recently but my issue started after the tv got rolled across a tile floor. Since then the tv has actually been moved to a new house and it has worked fine. Either way, reseat all the the connections especially the HD board. Actually try just the HD board first, and then test it before putting it back together. It should only take a few min. I hope the reseat works for you. HightowerFL

oh yeah, i forgot... i did get new hd cables for the PS3 about a weeek or so ago! Maybe i jiggled the hd board a little to much plugging them in? we have smooth wood floors, so no real jarring from moving teh whole set, but i check the board and post back! Thanks!

How u doing I have a magvavox

How u doing I have a magvavox tv since 2006 and today it went out now i have a black screen but u still can hear the sound coming out but when I unplug it for 5 mins then plug it back in it made some poppin noise i took the back off of the tv to see whats wrong it something flashing in the back makin poppin noice can u help



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