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zenith tv

I have a zenith pv4663bt tv. It seems like the blue will not focus enough, even with the focus knob all the way up. Also, after operating for about an hour, the focus begins to wane. I know this tv is old, but it works well other than the blue problem. I was thinking of replacing the flyback, but I can't even find the part or part number anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Larry Dillon
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Sorry to burst your bubble my

Sorry to burst your bubble my friend but if the other tubes are focusing correctly and just the blue one is not, I'm afraid that your blue tube it the problem with your ^TV set, On a set this age, if you replace the blue tube, you will have a very blue picture because of the weakness of the other two picture tubes. In a set like this, put it to rest and invest your money into something better. Good Luck


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