Panasonic Microwave Model NN-T694

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Richard Lionberger
Panasonic Microwave Model NN-T694

Good Morning, Having problems with a 2004 Panasonic Microwave model NN-T694 that starts and shuts off before the timing is finished.  Example: shuts off early through the cycle.  I set it for one minute and it stops at 37 seconds and does not complete the cycle's.  I believe this microwave has been causing a lot of problems with this problem.  I am looking for the wiring diagram specs for the voltage readings for testing.  This one does not have a thing on it to go by.  There are three circuit boards in it.  I suspect the front push button pad board is bad but I want to make sure.  Behind this board is another larger board and then a seperate inverter board. I understand these boards are very expensive around $82.00 or more each.  Does any one have the voltage readings or a circuit board schematic?    Thanks if you can. Richard

All microwaves are considered

All microwaves are considered appliances, and are not component level repair. the board replacement is the best you can do. Check to make sure it is not a door switch. When the microwave is running jiggle the door to make sure that is not your problem. If you can confirm the door switches are working properly. Does the unit ding like it is done or just shut off with no ding or indication of completion of cycle.

Richard Lionberger
Good Afternoon,  Thanks for

Good Afternoon,  Thanks for the information.  There is no ding or buzzer that that goes off.  It just shuts down.  The door latch is sound and nothing happens when jiggling it with no indication of a door problem.  All micro switches check out okay and in the interior everything seems to be making good contact.  There ar no physical evidence of any burnt or scorched components on the 2 boards but I did not take out and disasemble the inverter board yet.  Would I need to go further into it?  All diodes check out good on the two boards.  Sounds like a new microwave may be in store.  Thanks for your help.              

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