Mitsubishi WS-65909 No Power, No Blinking Light, No Clicking

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Ed Villar
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Mitsubishi WS-65909 No Power, No Blinking Light, No Clicking

Can anyone Please help with this issue? I have a Mitsubishi 65" rear projection TV model WS-65909 and I am starting to get really frustrated with this TV. At first the tv had the blinking green light sympotms, with no sound or picutre and would power down after a few seconds. I replaced the capacitors in the DM board per the suggestions on the forum and still got the same results. Green light and no picutre or sound. I checked the error code and got an error code 2-2. From there I checked the fuses and found FA905 and FA904 were blown. So I had those replaced and at the same time replaced the IC chip for good measure. I put everything back together and checked all of the connections to make sure they were good and now the TV wont power up at all. I get no Blinking light, no clicking....nothing. When I unplug the TV I hear the capacitors discharge, but other than that there is nothing. Am I missing something? a loose connection or bad soldering? Any advie would be a great help at this point.  My email is if you have any helpful information to send.

Thank you very much!


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