Need new phone, not plan

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Need new phone, not plan

My phone is soooo old that pieces are starting to break off. I want to upgrade my phone, and I could deal with signing a new service contract, but I don't want to change plans. I have a great plan that is affordable and meets my minutes needs perfectly. But my carrier (AT&T) doesn't offer that plan anymore and the onlyone in the same price range offers much fewer minutes.

Is there any way I can get a free phone upgrade and keep my current service plan?



Chris Miller
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My guess is that this is going to be tough to accomplish.  The phone companies recoup the cost of those "free" phones by getting you locked into a service contract.  If they don't offer your plan anymore, then they'll undoubtedly want to lock you into a newer plan.

Assuming the new plans really are worse (when I upgraded, the new plans were actually a better value), you could always try playing the "I've been a loyal customer but I'm willing to go elsewhere if you don't make me want to stay" card.  With phone number portability, it's easier than ever to switch providers and they all know it.  If they really believe you're willing to pack up and leave, they might be willing to bend the rules slightly to keep you on board.  It's at least worth a try.



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