Xbox 360 warranty

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Xbox 360 warranty

Is a 360 warranty worth the cost? I hear the bugs are worked out but I know anything can happen.

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Are you talking about an

Are you talking about an alternate extended warranty?  Like Best Buy's service plan?

Microsoft extended the warranty on the XBOX 360's to 3 years.  If you bought one brand new today, I would say a service plan would be pointless.  I figure MS will be on the verge of a newer console 3 years from now.  If you're adventurous (most people on this site are), there's lots of info on how to fix these consoles yourself.  As with all repairs, it's hit or miss.

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Yeah, I would say so, most

Yeah, I would say so, most people have figured out funky ways to fix those things, and if it break during the warranty then you send it in, and they extend the warrant either a year or the amount it was when you bought and like a 1 month to Xbox Live.


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