Zenith 60 inch Projection TV

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Zenith 60 inch Projection TV

Hey everyone,

Could use some advice or help, whichever. I have a 1998 Zenith 60 inch big screen projection TV. About a month ago, the picture started producing lines in the picture. We would unplug it for about 30 seconds and then plug the power cord back in. The TV would do fine. It did this about 3 times in a week. With no other occurances of any kind.

Now the Picture is no where to be found. You can turn on the power button, but no picture. The sound is still there and nothing else seems to be giving any problem, Everything seems to be functioning normally except the PICTURE ! Since the lines in the picture episode occurred about 3 months ago, now just 3 days ago the picture has gone out.

Can anyone gve me some advice as to what may be the problem, before I call a repairman, so as to not appear to be a total dunce about it?


Keith C.


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