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mp3 videos

I bought an mp3 player with video capability.  It has 4 video's on it, but I thought I could download and play video's from the Internet.  One can WATCH video's online (country & YouTube), but is it possible to transfer those to the mp3 player?  I tried Limewire, but the first thing that came on my computer was things they wanted me to buy that I don't want--ringtones, etc.  I will purchase the video's if I can just find a legitimate source to do so.

Chris Miller
It depends on which type of

It depends on which type of mp3 player you've got there.  For the iPods, for example, you can add video downloaded from any source as long as the video is in the right format (mp4).  For iPods, just connect the iPod to a computer, open iTunes, and drag-and-drop videos onto the device.  There are also some great free converters out there that can convert video into the format that your player can read if your video content is in another format.

Without knowing which specific player you've got, however, I can't say for certain whether you'll be able to add video from the internet.


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