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Home Theater Installation


I'm using the following components:

Comcast Cable Digital Box for HDTV (Philips Plasma 50PF7220A/37)

Sony Multi Channel AV Receiver STR-DG510 (5:1)

Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-ES46V

Klipsch Qunitet III (5:1)

Yamaha Subwoofer YST-SW216

I'm looking for help in hooking it up so we can use the sound system when watching tv, dvd's or playing cd's.

Currently, I've got the:

cable box Y,PB, PR & audio L, R hooked up to the AV1 on the tv

the only HDMI out on the DVD to the DVD IN on the receiver

the HDMI out on the receiver connected to HDMI1 on the tv

I get the video when playing a DVD, but no audio.  The DVD-Recorder only has a Digital Audio Out as an Optical option.  There is no Digital Audio Coaxial on the DVD like the receiver has for digital audio.  But the receiver does have an optical digital audio for a video 2 and an HDMI for video 2 such as a blu-ray disc player.

1)  Would it be safe to say that if I were to change my connection on " the only HDMI out on the DVD to the DVD IN on the receiver" to this video 2 input and add an optical digital audio cable to the video 2 section of the receiver to the DVD recorder, that I would get the audio I'm looking for?

And if the answer is YES and I'm looking to play audio cd's, I should be able to have the receiver's amp selected to DVD and it should play my cd?  Or do I had to install add'l audio L, R cables from the DVD to the SA-CD/CD input on the receiver?  (Which to my understanding this is only designed for a Sony Super CD player)

2)  If I want to listen to the TV thru my surround sound but not exclusively, would I just hook up an audio L, R to the TV in on the receiver and just mute the TV when I want to use the sound system?

Giving the degree of details, the receiver though limited, does have an optical SAT in.  Could this be connected to the Cable Box Optical SPDIF to acheive the same benefit but at a better quality of audio? 

3)  And finally, the speakers.  I used the Auto Calibration for the speaker set-up on the receiver to determine distance, position etc.  They are all set for Large.  Using A for the front speakers, center for the center and surround for the 2 rear speakers.  I do not have any other speakers hooked up to the front B.

The subwoofer is connected to the mono connection of the subwoofer to the only SubWoofer out on the receiver, using a Monster SubWoofer cable.  Even when turned up all the way, I don't get much from the subwoofer as I would have expected and can detect a hum from it.  It also doesn't seem to make a difference whether I have the frequency set to high or low.  I do not have any speakers attached to the subwoofer.   Should I?  If so, which ones?

Any help you can give me to get this right would so greatly be appreciated.  I'm hooking this up for my folks and this was their Christmas gift.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in helping a fellow newbie.



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