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I was thinking about buying th Zune and I was wondering if anyone has already purchased one. How do you like it?

I like it but I still haven't

I like it but I still haven't figured out how to put videos from, for example, my own camera. So far, I can only have videos that I've bought directly from Microsoft.

Matt Whitlock
Videos taken with many model

Videos taken with many model cameras are likely incompatible with the Zune (and a bunch of other devices as well). You'll need to convert the video to a more Zune friendly format using a video conversion tool, and then load the video to your Zune using the Zune media suite. There are plenty of free video conversion tools out there. I'm sure you can find one that will work for you.

I've got an 80gb, my wife has

I've got an 80gb, my wife has an 8gb and we both love them.
The recent software update (firmware and client software) to v2.5 resolved the only issues we had. Specifically gapless playback and better editing of track data.

I agree that the Zune is a

I agree that the Zune is a good alternative to the IPOD and I used it with pretty much ease...a few extra steps to convert files once in a while, but otherwise pretty straight forward.

However, I suggest you keep your receipt. My DD got hers as a gift (with no receipt) and after just a few months (and an update) it crashed to the point that the tech support operator suggested we send it back for a replacement. But, even though it is serial numbered, they won't do it unless you have a receipt. But they were nice about it.

I bought my zune about 6

I bought my zune about 6 months ago, a standard 30gb. At first it seemed like a great deal, a very fat one but 30 gb for the $180 I paid It was nice. But I immediately saw problems. The size, Zune Marketplace may not have all bands you are looking for, It didn't have many I was looking for. And the general software. Mine freezes so often I can't even make it through a song. So if you are lokking for something that can fit in your pocket without a struggle, something you can put underground music on, and something that is going to last worth your money then buy an Ipod. That is what I am saving for.


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