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i have a samsung camcorder model number vp-w80u and i cant find the instruction manual. i have filmed something but now i would like to watch it back on the tv and maybe put the video on to a dvd. would like it done as an xmas present so need help before xmas eve. PLEASE HELP

Matt Whitlock
I wasn't able to find a

I wasn't able to find a manual for the VP-W80U, however I did find one for the VP-W70U which should be similar.  It seems your camcorder is a UK/Euorpean model which may be fine depending on what country you're in. 

Here's a link to the manual for the VP-W70U:

From there, you should start with this article series:  How To Convert Your VHS and Analog Camcorder Tapes to DVD. It talks about several ways to get VHS and 8MM video onto a PC so you can burn it to DVD.


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