Denon AVR-1908 and OPPO DV-981HD

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Denon AVR-1908 and OPPO DV-981HD

I recently purchased this Denon receiver and Oppo dvd player. I have two distinct problems. The first is with the receiver. I noted in the Denon manual the option for an "Ipod dock" which I really don't want, in the past I have always hooked the ipod up via a RCA Y cable. When I tried connecting to the VCR/Ipod input jacks on the rear of the receiver with the Y cables I am unable to get any sound from the Ipod. I then moved to the Aux jack, and the CD jacks and still no sound. At this point I am at a loss. The second problem concerns my DVD player. I am able to put in a DVD disk and play it with no video or sound problems, but when I put a CD in, which the manual states it should be able to play, I get nothing. I have the DVD player connected via HDMI. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Did you set up your Oppo

Did you set up your Oppo according to the instructions I've included? This is from page 46 of the manual. Looks like "auto" is what you want to set the HDMI audio output to.

8. HDMI Audio: To select digital audio output from the HDMI port. The options are:
• LPCM – Digital audio output via HDMI will be multi-channel Linear PCM format. The Down-
mix setting in the “Speaker Setup Page” will affect whether and how multi-channel audio
content will be down-mixed to stereo. When this option is selected, compressed audio bit
streams will decoded by the DVD player. This setting is recommended when connecting
the HDMI output directly to a TV.
• Auto – Digital audio output via HDMI will be the same as the digital coaxial/optical audio
output for CD, Dolby Digital and DTS audio signals. For high resolution stereo or multi-
channel audio contents such as DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD, the DVD player will send
multi-channel PCM audio signals with the highest available sample frequency and bit
numbers. Depending on the original audio content, the format could be 44.1kHz - 192kHz, 2
- 6 channels. This option is recommended when connecting the HDMI output to an A/V
receiver or processor with HDMI 1.1 or above audio capabilities.
• Off – No digital audio output via HDMI.
If you use HDMI to connect audio to an HDMI A/V receiver or audio processor, it is
recommended that you choose 720p or higher HDMI output resolution when playing high
resolution audio content (DVD-Audio and SACD). According to the HDMI specification, the
bandwidth available for audio is proportional to the total bandwidth used by video. At
480p/576p resolution, the HDMI specification can only support 2 channels of audio with high
sample rate (up to 192kHz), or 8 channels of audio with standard sample rate (up to 48kHz).
Depending on the capability of your A/V receiver or audio processor, if you play high
resolution audio content at 480p/576p resolution, you may get reduced audio resolution,
incomplete audio channels, or even no audio/video output at all. Choosing a high HDMI
output resolution such as 720p or 1080i allows enough bandwidth for all high sample rate
audio channels.


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