Samsung HCL552W Green Convergence Issue

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Samsung HCL552W Green Convergence Issue

This afternoon I heard my wife and daughter yell, "The TV doesn't work". I investigated and it turns out that the green gun has lost it's convergence. Here's a picture of what I'm seeing:

Green Convergence is GONE!

After reading another thread on a Samsung 1080i set I'm wondering about the distinction between this convergence board (BP95-00142p) and this one (AA95-01799G), which is described in that thread, and which I might be needing to replace. What's confusing me is that on my set the board that the convergence IC's (stk392-040) are on is huge - much larger than the picture shown here.

I've depowered the unit, removed the AA95 board and powered back up and all guns are firing, but all convergence is gone (R+B guns look like the G one does all the time now).

I'm a handy guy and not afraid to pick up my soldering iron (I built all the custom audio crossovers when I built my Audax HT system) so pointing me in the right direction on which part to buy should be good enough!

Thanks in advance,


Doing some more digging,

Doing some more digging, seems like I just need to replace this board (aAA95-01846D)?

 Also, if anyone has a pdf of the service manual for this set, I'd appreciate a copy if you can share.


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