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Jenn B
Has anyone has any resolution

Has anyone has any resolution to the issues listed below? My parents have a Mitsubishi dlp 65" wd-65737. Just the other day, pressed on, tv had sound but no picture. We looked online, purchased a new lamp, replaced and now when you press on the green light will blink a few times, some times we'll get the "welcome" mitsubishi white/blue screen, directly after you see that, the screen turns off and the status light turns steady red.

Any suggestions?

I agree with all these forums

I agree with all these forums. I have a wd73736 Mitsubishi tv, lamp went out replaced it with 3 diff. lamps, Replaced DMD formatter board, Colorwheel. Turn tv on plays couple mins.picture will flicker and then shuts down to solid red lite. Code 12 shows up.

Darryl Allen
Ihave wdy65 I just replaced

Ihave wdy65 I just replaced the lamp 3months ago.But I oyiced the fan wasn't making this fast and slow sound anymore but after 5 minuetes it would shut down and give me a solid red light.I cant see anything wrong with bulb but it looks like it got too hot. Alsothere seems to be a lot of light comeing from the sides were the lamp meets the hole is that normal

I replaced my bulb 2 weeks

I replaced my bulb 2 weeks ago on the kids very little used big tv. Lasted about 15 hours. Now for 5 times it runs for 15 minutes then goes to red. New bulb and working so its not that. Any ideas?

my status light keeps

my status light keeps blinking red. it'll stay on for a couple minutes if we reset it, has a new lamp. help

Had the same -problem and

Had the same -problem and just replace the lamp ballast took forever to find one but did here.... and used this video to replace...very easy...

Also this part only cost me $32.00 plus shipping

938P127010 Mitsubishi TV Lamp Ballast, 938P178010, ZNN2393802_A, WD-60735

We have a WD-60638 model and
We have a WD-60638 model and have recently been having issues with it. When we turn it on, sometimes it will make a weird whining sound and recently we started getting flashing lights with it. We are getting 6 Red and 1 Yellow. Any thoughtson what it could possibly be?



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