LG turned on by ANY Remote

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LG turned on by ANY Remote

This probably applies to any nnLC4n LG TV, and it is infuriating!  They are turned on by loads of other remote controls.

I first noticed the problem when using an ONKYO CD/receiver. Then last week we got an "IMAGINE" digital photo frame, and I noticed the TV was on when it should not have been, so I widened the search.  Same problem with a GENUS dab radio, and a Goldstar VHS (yes I know that is an old LG).

Digifusion and Panasonic don't seem to turn it on, so there must be some discrimination in the IR receiver module!

If the TV is in Standby mode, pressing any number button, the volume control and a whole lot more all switch the TV on.  An experiment in the shop turned any LG LCD on (probably all nnLCnn models).  I like the TV, but it will have to go back if the problem cannot be cured.


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