Anyone knows of electronic medical devices?

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Anyone knows of electronic medical devices?

Hi there – looking for device, which can help kids between age 5-15 take their asthma medicine regularly/ in the right doses. Does anyone know of new electronic devices? Medical devices aren’t exactly up to speed with newest electronic development, and kids today want smart solutions matching their mobiles, Gameboys etc….would be great with a new and smarter solution for medical compliance. Does anyone know of already existing solutions (hardware as well as software), or have ideas for new solutions, or simply ideas of where I can look?Thanks so much

I assumw that the medication

I assumw that the medication you are talking about is the use of a nebulizer for the inhalation of albuteral.  That being the case, the albuteral is mixed with a saline solution that is atomized for the inhalation.  since the misture of the medication and the saline is done at treatment time, I am not aware of any device for this.  Anyone under the age of 16 should not be administering this medication without adult supervision anyway.  There are too many possibilities of side effects or reactions that should be monitored.  Please note that I have been through this with 3 of my 4 kids and that the most important thing here is careful attention to trends both in symptoms and treatments.  I found that we were able to minimize the use of medication by treating early.  Noticing the trend toward an attack and aggressively treating it, significantly reduced both the severity of the attack and the duration of the required treatments.  Feel free to contact me offline for more info.


Dan, thanks for your answer

Dan, thanks for your answer and very good inputs on safety and efficacy.

I am actually posting to topic as I am a student, who is currently conducting a research paper on recent innovations within medical devices, with a specefic focus on children with chronical asthma.

I am aware of the basic techniques of inhalators, and obviously understand the need to focus on safety and efficacy issues, However, I also know that it is a big issue for parents is to make the compliance more 'fun' for their children, as well as it can be hard to constantly 'surveil' young teenagers, whom wishes to have time on their own as well. I have heard of solutions for kids under age of 5, but have wondered, if there are no smart solutions emerging for older kids as well - teenagers today want smart solutions matching their mobiles, Gameboys etc….

Have seen new types of devices within diabetes  - starting to become integrated hardware, software, and medical device solutions 'smart, fun, and safe' stuff. And now posted this matter in order to see, if any new solutions have recently come forward for asthma kids as well.

Seems not to be the case....however, wouldn't you think it is a good idea? I mean if e.g. people with your personal experience sat together with pharma companies or device-manufacturers to develop a new solution? Could even integrate some software development as well?

Just a thought...but thanks again for your answer, which reminded me of the very important safety issues, which naturallyn also apply in this serious matter.


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