RCA brightness problem

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RCA brightness problem

Here's a question i bet nobody will be able to help with but its worth a try. I got this RCA m202e mp3 player and my brother was messin with it and changes the brightness all the way down to 1 out of 100 and it is so hard to see even in the middle of the night and you cant read anything or even really see anything because its sooo dark. Other than get a refund WTH can i do?(I checked the manual doesnt help at all)

Same thing happened to me

Same thing happened to me like 3 weeks after i bought it. My brother took it out of my room when i was at work and when he gave it back the screen would not light up at all. I was so POed. You can't do anything with no screen. you can only press a bunch of buttons and hope there the right ones. I bought him one after that, thinking he broke mine, but his did the same thing..Honestly, they need to have a recall on these mp3's...they suck!


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