Sony KP-FX432M91


My dad's Sony KP-FX432M91 TV has developed an intermittent problem where it doesn't startup 60% of the time.  the LED (red) blinks 10 times.  Can I get some specific advice please? Any service manuals/schematics will be very helpful.



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i tried to look up the manual

i tried to look up the manual and it is not found in the sony service system, how old is it?   Is it from a country other than USA ?

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I have the same problem on

I have the same problem on same model, I will appreciate If u can help us.
This model is availble in middle east, 4 yrs old.

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I m looking for a schematic of my Sony_kp fx432m91 and I want to known all architecture of my TV Sony.

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Simply replaced the two

Simply replaced the two mcz3001 IC on the power supply section and all caps around it with 16V,25V,50V working voltages. I've done around 10 Units of this model with the same trouble. Please advise me if it HELPS. Thanks

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hi my projection tv first time not on and 10 time blink red light and i am switch off and then on tv is working.plz hlp............................................

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