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RCA RT2280

Okay, time for one more question.  I recently purchased this receiver and it works great, except for one small thing.  When I turn up the volume to a loud setting (which I really do not do because I live in an apartment) the sound will cut out after a while.  It comes back on intermittently, but goes out a few seconds later.  The volume goes up to 50, and it normally starts after having it at about 32-34 for a while.  I have a friend who has another model of receiver that does the same thing.  Just curious what it is that might do this?  I am not really wanting to repair it necessarily because it meets my needs.  And unless it is something that would cause the receiver to go out over time, then I probaly will not.  Thanks


You are overdriving the

You are overdriving the receiver a bit.  The thermal cutoff is kicking in and shutting down the amp section.  Once it cools off, it will kick back in again.  Are you sure that the speakers that you have connected are the correct ones?  If you have 4ohm speakers connected when the receiver expects 8ohm speakers, the amp will work too hard and heat up.



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