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Further down I find the code

Further down I find the code and go through the steps.

it is not a coolant issue,

it is not a coolant issue, this is a problem with the convergence ic's.

Damaged icÂ’s can through the center convergence off.
Depending on how old your set is, some of the older ones you need to pay close
Attention to the static convergence using the rings on the neck of the picture tube to get the
Natural center If you go straight into the digital convergence you can “over steer” the beam
Causing the stk icÂ’s to have a short life.

All three colors are lined up

All three colors are lined up in the center. It is just around the edges. On some the T's aren't even straight. They look more like X's. Is this a ring problem? If it is, how do I go about fixing it? Wife is loosing faith in me on this one.

Could it also be the STK

Could it also be the STK Convergence Modules? I have no Idea where they are located and what they look like. I know pretty sad, but I have made circuit boards before so I'm not totally hopeless. It's a Magnavox 51MP392H

Oakrodent THIS is the repair

Oakrodent THIS is the repair kit you need for the repair. The ic chips do say stk on them followed by a series of numbers they are on a metal heat sink with metal fins to dissipate the heat.

my red projector is no longer

my red projector is no longer making red light it is making an orangeish color light can anyone help

Chech for coolant

Chech for coolant contamination Magnavox's are notorious for this.

i need a repair manule on

i need a repair manule on a1993 magnavox projecton tv 72''modelpr3061a105 ser31356585 chs ptv525-ah01

I was changing the coolant

I was changing the coolant when my son threw my socket wrench into the tv and he spilled a little fluid on a black box. The box is about 5"x2" with 4 red wires coming out the side and smaller wires from the top and bottom. With what appears to be the convergence settings on the back of it. Is this the convergence box? When I turn on the tv now it does try to turn on but sparks generate from the bottom of this box. Is this salvagable? I see how this box is mounted but Im not sure if it carries power even when off? Please help, my wife is also losing faith in me now! Not good. Thank you guys so much

Does this box have R G B and

Does this box have R G B and G2 Or focus or screen? With knobs sticking out of the other side?

That is your focus block, and

That is your focus block, and yes those red wires can be live even when it's not plugged in, around 30,000 volts more than enough to stop your heart. And the coolant is ethylene glycol it is conductive and corrosive to pcb- printed circuit boards. A good way to clean it would be with rubbing alcohol, if you haven't already shorted something out on the board like a hot- horizontal output transistor. I can attempt to tell you how to discharge it in further detail if you are willing to risk it.

Please excuse me being a

Please excuse me being a newbie to this. I would love to get this back up and running. What would be the safest way to go about cleaning the focus block without the risk of instant heart seizure. I have enclosed pictures with good detail in your e-mail. And I would like to do whatever it will take to fix it. I got it as a gift. Thank you very much for your time and expert advice and opinions!!! My wife is now hopeing to see the light. Haha

The process for discharging

The process for discharging this line starts with discharging all capacitors over 30V on the board where the fly back-LOPT-line output transformer is after disconnecting all wire that run to other boards, caution other boards could hold voltage to. After discharging all the capacitors so they don't re energize the LOPT you have to discharge the LOPT by grounding the pins of the LOPT from the bottom of the board. You can use a 100 watt bulb with leads soldered to it or however you attach them to discharge the caps. You can also use a diode or even a flathead screw driver, not suggested. then it will be safe to handle.

My magnavox projection tv

My magnavox projection tv will all of a sudden not display my cable channels. I called the cable guy and he says it is not picking up any analog channels and their company automatically converts analog to digital therefore it is a problem with my tv since he was able to hook up another tv and cable worked properly. Not only that..the channel buttons on the tv are acting like input/source buttons and instead of changing channels it is changing the source. When a channel does come up it says 8.1 for channel 08 and 45.1 for channel 45. Idk what the heck is wrong and have tried numerous ways to fix it. Nothing is working? Heeeellllp

might need a software update.

might need a software update. Try this first. many of the older flat screen SonyÂ’s needed updates to fix digital channel related issues.

try here

I have a question I have a 64

I have a question I have a 64" Phillips Magnavox manufactured in 2000 and the color is VERY dark I have tried adjusting the brightness and still doesnt help out much, Also the screen has a redish orange tint and I've tried adjusting that as well. Does anyone know what is going on with it that can help me out?

See if this helps. I did this

See if this helps. I did this about 3 years ago.

CRT coolant change and advanced convergence - how to

I documented the procedure I did on a Philips 55" rear projection 55p916
CRT coolant change procedure
basic and advanced convergence

b-man 51
i have a magnavox big screen

i have a magnavox big screen that the blue convergence will not adjust at all.the others will but not jus the blue...the tv has a great picture other than the blue ghost kept the lenses clean an had the dust blown out of it twice since i ve owned it..the other funny thing it used to straighten up after being on a few minutes but not sugestions ?...ive read something about fluid in the blue tube. and is there any other way to adjust other than the menu button?..thank you

You need a convergence repair

You need a convergence repair kit. One can be had at the link below.



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