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car cd player help

ive got a electronics background but keep getting stuck trying to fault things,, example , my car stereo packed up after some water leaked onto it from a heater leak,, its a 2year old pioneer DEH1530R cd radio,, i power it up but the unit is totally dead , no display , ive traced the power through the unit to a IC with which is attached to a large heatsink on the back of the unit,, not sure what to do next,, the unit shows no sign of water damage or burning etc, it looks like new inside,,

could anyone help me fault it, id like to find the fault rather than throw it away,, if its a componant that cannot be replaced then obviously i will throw it,, any help appreciated,,

In all probability there is

In all probability there is some corrosion or mineral deposits in between the legs of the ICs.  Unless any water is removed immediately and the unit cleaned of any deposits, the unit is usually a total loss.  At this point, adding to this is the fact that the anti-freeze is corrosive, I'd say that this unit is toast.  Even if you could replace the IC and other components, the longvity of the repair would be short.


i cannot see any deposits on

i cannot see any deposits on the iC's the water only touched the back plate,, how can i prove the fault,, how do you trace the power through IC's ,,,

thanx for any info

Depending on the model there

Depending on the model there could be a surface mount fuse. but the output ic (pall007 or pal006) may be bad.  it is a common problem. that ic does more than just produce the output amplification. If you did have some moisture in the unit, you could have other issues, though. Did you remove the pc board and completely examine both sides looking for white spots on the board? if your unit has a pal006 it can be replaced with the new pal007a part. To do a proper troubleshoot you may need a scope. if you see power getting to the pal007 then it is controlled by data from the micro. There is a standby power path as well that you may need to look at.

cannot find a PAL006, the

cannot find a PAL006, the only IC's are IC151-622E PO314,   IC601-PML003AM,  IC302- TOA738G

on the CD unit  IC201-D83712GC, IC301-BA5996FP ,, the only parts with water spots are the 3 transisters D2396 , i took these off and tested and they seem ok,, cannot find the surface mount fuse, what does it look lke,,  appreciate your help 

Ok i just looked up the model

Ok i just looked up the model, and it must have been made before 1997, if so then what i said will not apply, sorry i thought that it was a newer model. i see the newer ones allot. We might have the service manual in paper form but not electronic. when i get some time today i will pull the manual and try to give you some ideas.

i bought this stereo in 2005

i bought this stereo in 2005 and they first went on sale in feb2004,, so its not an early model 1998,

appreciate any info you have

Please re-check your model

Please re-check your model number, because no service manual is comming up for it.

There is one other

There is one other possibility, if you purchased it from a discount store, i believe pioneer will make special models for them, and if the model is custom to a store it is possible that they will not put it in the servicer system, because they don't stock repair parts. But if this happens we usually will get a response from the site saying "Over the counter only"  With no manual and no parts. hits. After the warranty is out with those units they will usually do an exchange. with a cost. but like i said i could not find any reference at all to it in  the servicer site. I suppose it is possible they did not register the model in the servicer portal. 

Also it could be that you need to go back to the same store you purchaced it from, to get it replaced. they will have a record of the model and the replacement unit with the extra cost. if you read my artical "Warranty is not Insurance" i mention that somtimes stores will do this. the reparing of the uint is upto the store it's self. So the store may exchange it for a new one if it is out of warranty with another one in stock with a charge.   



maybe  this was only supplied to uk market,,  thanx for your help 

I keep forgetting that some

I keep forgetting that some of this stuff could be from outside the country, i am sure that is what it is. sorry i have not seen this unit before. I am in the usa so i probably don't have access to the manuals from foreign countries.


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