Do NOT Buy iPod Classic 160Gb No Pictures

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Do NOT Buy iPod Classic 160Gb No Pictures

This could just be a complaining forum thread. Previous posts have had little feedback. And I searched high and low for a solution to my problem. I just purchased the newest generation iPod Classic 160 GB. I've loaded all my 2000+ Pictures into it along with about 60-70 GB of music. The Music plays fine. But the pictures will not show up if full view. All the thumbnails will display. But clicking to maximize the picture to full screen just makes the screen go black. I have talked to Apple support several times. They say that they have heard of the problem and sent it the software engineers. The engineers have responded saying that they can replicate the problem. Great!! But no solution. So I took it back and got another one. SAME THING!!! (Headache) The explanation I was given was that for some reason the software likes one file better than the other. Depending on different devices or programs you might have used to take the picture (Camera) or Edit the picture (software). I have never had this problem on my 5 previous iPods. My 60GB Video has all these pictures on it and works seamlessly, despite being scratched to hell. Obviously I am using the correct format. But only a small percentage of the pictures will show up. I'm talking 5-15%. Also the iPod transitions between menu's significatly slower than previous generations. The iPod is rated at 160 GB but actual space is 148 GB for your data. I would have thought that using 12 GB of memory and or spend the extra dollar on a better processor. I really hope APPLE addresses this issue. So far iPod software and iTunes Software updates have not solved the problems. On other forums there is a huge problem with the iPod freezing iTunes with all three different operating systems(VISTA, XP, AND APPLE). Although I have not experienced such a problem. Give me a shout if you are experiencing the same thing or have any insight.

Matt Whitlock
I can probably help you with

I can probably help you with your point that the iPod Classic is rated at 160GB, but only shows 148 in your OS. You can read about that here: My Memory Card Has Less Capacity than Labeled. I'm referring to memory cards, but the info qualifies for any storage device.

As far as your picture problem, it's the first I've heard of it. Have you tried resizing images and other things to narrow it down? Maybe another new classic owner will have some tips for you. 

Thanks for the post. I

Thanks for the post. I completely understand the memory rating that companies use. And do not have a problem, except for 12 GB!! And at least it would work with that much software on it.

And on the other, I've tried changing the size and the file extensions. Still nothing.

Just a disclaimer, I am pretty sure there is no solution as of yet. But I thought I would see if anyone else had the same problem or did something different to format the pictures differently. MISERY LOVES COMPANY! hahaha

HOLY SH__!! im having the

HOLY SH__!! im having the same problem!!  I can see all the small sized pictures lined up but once i click on certain pictures i get a black sreen!  there are 2 things i have noticed while playing around with it.

 1) is that its only SOME of my pictures.  I upgraded from a 30 gig video to the 160 gig classic and 8 gig Iphone.  All of my pictures that were synced on my 30 gig ipod work correctly in full screen but during the scan for pictures itunes did while setting up my 160, it pulled those pictues as well as TONS (3 gigs) of other photos that i have taken since my last sync with the 30.  All new pictures were taken with the same camera at the same resolution.  Wierd huh? 

 2) the second thing i noticed is that if you go to photos--->all photos---> and hit the play button to start the slide show, it will skip all the first pictures and show the first pic that used to be on my old ipod, at full screen.  even wierder?? 

Here is something to question.  Are the pics that you have on your ipod, actually located on a network drive?  i noticed that the old ipod photos are located on the same drive drive as itunes, while the photos that dont work are located on a network drive that apple chose to scan for .jpg's.  

Let me know if this helps or if you get anywhere with this.  Its pretty annoying!

p.s.  dont even get me started on the whole unlocked iphone update....  i havent done the 1.1.1 yet until someone points me in the direction of a cracked one.  Let me know, Thanks!  

Yeah, I am experiencing the

Yeah, I am experiencing the same problems you are talking about. I can't understand it. Even some pictures that showed up fine on my 60GB still don't show up. I have the biggest problem with recent pictures from when I went to Hawwaii that were taken on 2 different cameras.

Here's something interesting. The photographs taken in Hawwaii I never sync'd to my 60GB. So I just sync'd them to see if it was the newest version of iTunes or the iPod Classic Software. Well every picture that I was having a problem with on the classic showed up on my old bullet proof 60GB. SOB! I know. I'm going to call and yell at Apple again.

Interesting about the network drives I should tweak with that and see what happens.

I'm not jumping on the AT&T boat so no iPhone for me until it is really cracked and I can use it on T-Mobile. I've heard that several websites have cracked it put have come under come under some serious heat from the legal departments of AT&T and Apple. Plus it's too big. I'll stick with my blackberry pearl. But the GPS sync'd google maps and other functions are pretty cool. Youtube on your phone. I've got to be pretty bored and not have any friends. No doubt the biggest innovation in the cellphone/MP3 player/Organizer that has ever happened. I just don't feel the need. That is until they have one that holds 60-70+ GBs of music that I can cut out a device.

Harry Thomas
Maaan, I've got the same

Maaan, I've got the same problem. I've got the 80 Gb version (74.31, to be correct), ipod classic, and when (trying to) viewing the photos I run into the exact same problem. Very dissapointing, it's my first ipod, I bought it days after release. And it's surely the last one I buy so early after a release.

I hope apple fixes the bug early enough, or they'll forever lose me as a customer.

Bob Dobalina
160GB Classic plus old 30GB.

160GB Classic plus old 30GB. No problems with the 30GB. 160GB has the same photo problem plus the other big problem people are seeing where the iPod is ejected almost as soon as you insert it. I get a 5-10% success rate after playing around with things. What is Apple up to with not admitting to the problem and also not coming up with a fix. Sad day Apple :(

I had a similar performance

I had a similar performance problem my iPod Classic 80 GB.  I have about 40 GB of music on it.  Originally I synced up all of my pictures (~7000) and I had terrible performance.  Menus were sluggish and the pictures wouldn't display.  After several resyncs I now have great performance and can see all of my pictures.  I think it's related to how many pictures are in a directory.  My pictures are organized as follows:










As you can see the top-level directory is the year, and then there are 12 subdirectories, one for each month.  Sometimes I have subdirectories in a month directory.  When this structure was synced to the iPod I got 7 "containers": 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.  Each year container had about 1000 pictures in it.  Performance with this many pictures in a bucket was unacceptable.

I decided to only sync up my 2007 directory (~1000 pictures).  Now I get 12 containers each with about 100 pictures or so.  Display time is very fast. 

I'm curious if anyone has had similar experiences or if this fixes the problem some people are having?

Harry Thomas
I do have to admit that after

I do have to admit that after I sync'd my iPod classic 80 Gb a few more times, for everything but pictures, the Photos section in it started working more properly, and pictures unavailable before started to work, some dissapear again. All in all, it seems the syncing more often is doing good to it.

I also recognize the slowness issue, but I won't make compromises with my photos. There are 3102 of them on it and more to come. Basically, I've stopped worrying about photos until I hear somebody or Apple has found a solution to this problem.

At the same time, I hate iTunes like crazy. Luckily, my problems are solved partially by using Winamp 5.5.

Shame on Apple for making such a mess of the "backstage" of such a cool product, iPod.

so, i've got the 80 gig ipod

so, i've got the 80 gig ipod classic and i'm having the same problem seeing my photos in fullsize on the ipod...kind of.  I can't see any digital photos i've taken and have on my computer, but i can see photos that i've taken with my 35mm and scanned on to the computer. Maybe this might shed some light on the problem? i hope so.

I have found a solution.

I have found a solution.

 Remove all Photos from the iPod > Un-check the icon that says: "include full-Resolution Photos" > Upload all of the Photos again one folder at a time working from least amonut of photos per folder first, to most amonut of photos per folder.

 This worked for my 160 Gb iPod classic and it hasn't yet failed me. 

Satish Atakare
I am planning to buy 160GB

I am planning to buy 160GB Ipod, its going to be my first Ipod, I don't want to be disappointed with it, I am going to use it for listing songs, music and viewing photos.

Friends let me know that whether I should buy 160GB Classic Ipod or not ?


i've got a 80GB classic and

i've got a 80GB classic and experience the same problem with photos showing up as thumbnails but not full sized. Anybody heard anything about Apple coming out with a fix?
It's a pitty that that a...le Jobs lets such cool gadget half working.
I have an old 30GB iAudio X5L and works like a dream for everything. It plays all imaginable formats and also I've made it to dual boot into it's native OS and RockBox. Fantastic little gadget with one drawback, a low res screen, only 160x128. So, you can't really use it for pics. On the other hand the iPod display is fantastic
Now, can anybody help with this photos problem of the iPod classic?

dave Sadler
iPOD Classic 160gb makes me

iPOD Classic 160gb makes me feel like a 4 year child. Can`t download anything from anywhere. your tech support are useless at best. Money back please.

I've just had the SAME

I've just had the SAME PROBLEM...i bought the NEW IPOD CLASSIC..and suddenly
ALL my PICS have DISAPPEARED...but has nothing to do with FULL SIZE? have never had any probs before...but i noticed even before i re synched my photos

that...the ones i had saved...ALL DISAP...went screen..
then when it re synched still BLACK...empty thumbnails...

first started having probs few days ago when i was charging battery of my ipod using my brother's PC...i wouldnt change or do anything with HIS ipod/itunes always asked me do you want to delete and replace this lib w/new one? but i never did...all of a sudden one of the 3 games that the IPOD came with fm the factory...YAHTZEE said...error it???

i tried RESETTING my settings...but still NO PICS...NO GAMES fact my 3 games ipod came with are GONE...

havent talked to apple IPOD support yet...but would appreciate any suggestions or help anyone can offer. Thanks

I just brought it yesterday

I just brought it yesterday and worst that i cannot put anything music video or pic. every time i put it in ipod and eject it in ipod show no music nothing!!! later i connect ipod again all music disap and even cannot eject as well as restore. it's keep saying that some file use by other application which is not!! i only open itunes only.

today i went to store that i bought and they exchange it for me but it's turn out same so i contact tech support for help they told me to reset ipod by hold down menu and center button same time and connect to itune and restore and reset again but still not working!! they even blame that maybe it's my computer that is having problem and saying that i should try someone else computer but my older ipod still working. so tomorrow i'll get my money back. i'm sick of it i don't care anymore too!!

To address the GB size that's

To address the GB size that's available I found this article:

The answer depends on who you ask. According to Wikipedia, there are 1000 megabytes (abbreviated MB, as Mb is a megabit) in a gigabyte (GB). This is the standard used by hard drive manufacturers. Traditionally, when dealing with memory or storage sizes, 1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 kilobytes (kB), 1 kB = 1024 bytes (B). Because of binary addressing, the groupings were bunched by orders of 2 to the 10th power and assigned the standard labels because 1024 is close to 1000. Again, according to Wikipedia, the proper prefix used when grouping by 1024 is 1 gibibyte (GiB) = 1024 mebibytes (MiB), 1 MiB = 1024 kibibytes (KiB), 1 KiB = 1024 B. In my experience, though, nobody ever uses these terms.

* 3 years ago

My problem With this IPOD 160GB is that it crashes nearly every time I eject it and clears all 30,000 songs and playlists, this is devastating and I'm about ready to give up. But then it's not 30k as the software crashes at 80GB capacity and I can only ever get 15k songs on it.

This IPOD is not good and cant handle what it's built for as yet!

Come on apple, back to your desks and sort it out please!


ipod classic
The actual size is 148-149 GB

The actual size is 148-149 GB. Apple says that the size is 160 GB. Heres the catch: 1 GB is 1 073 741 824 Bytes, but some companies use decimal instead of binary counting, so as 1 GB apple counts 1 000 000 000 Bytes.

160 000 000 000 B / 1 000 000 000 = 160 GB
160 000 000 000 B / 1 073 741 824 = 149,011611938 GB

I also thought that it was a scam,but then i google it and i found some explanations:�

I haven't tried pictures, but

I haven't tried pictures, but mine makes a weird humming sound the whole time its on especially when I go back to the previous song( kind of like its rewinding). Plus, i only have like 20Gb taken up and its been doing this since I got it 3 days ago. and the battery goes dead in a few hours. not the 36 like its supposed to. Definitely not satisfied.

Christine BG
i have this before but

i have this before but luckily Apple store offer a return a old apple product then i add almost 100 dollars for iTouch.

~Christine Bounds

saumya (india)
this sux never buy it i wish

this sux never buy it i wish i had seen this site site before
now i am stuck with a 160gb ipod classic!!!!!!! *(sob sob )!!!!


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